Office Furniture Removal and Installation Services Offered by Marathon Moving Company in Greensboro, NC


Many businesses reach out to our locally-owned Greensboro professional moving company, Marathon Moving Company, looking for our assistance with a company move. In other words, they are looking for moving services to help them relocate from one office building to a new facility in the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina or even with a relocation elsewhere in the United States. 

However, many prospective corporate customers share that while they don’t have relocation plans requiring professional movers, they are looking for assistance in breaking down existing, disposing of, and building new furniture in their existing commercial space. While our Marathon Moving team is certainly available to provide office move services for your next move, our Greensboro movers are also thoroughly experienced and ready to assist with commercial furniture builds, including removals and installations.

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Office Furniture Removals and Install Services We Offer in the Piedmont Triad

If you found our office moving company while searching for a “furniture assembler near me,” that’s because that’s one of the many services we can help you with when you’re planning to refresh your Greensboro commercial facility to make it:

Our office furniture removal and installation services may also help you make many other changes to your commercial build to ensure it works best for you. 

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Our full-range commercial furniture build services include: 

Furniture Disassembly

Clients looking to update their commercial workplace interiors with more modern office furniture solutions often have us start by disassembling any existing pieces. We realize that, in many cases, what you are disassembling is still quality office furniture. This is why we focus on preserving all components and hardware intact when we disassemble your used office furniture. 

The furniture disassembly service we offer in Greensboro allows our customers to reuse these office furnishings, such as used office cubicles, elsewhere in their facilities, resell them, or donate them for use by others.

Furniture Removals

Our office furniture removal service is comprehensive. It may involve office furniture disassembly as described above or the demolition and hauling away of furniture if it’s in poor condition. 

However, we can also move your existing furniture to another part of the building or an offsite storage facility after removing it if you want to preserve it for future use. Additionally, we can haul away furniture to a landfill for permanent disposal if there’s no desire to salvage it.

Furniture Pickup

It’s commonplace for large, heavy office furniture, like the following, to get shipped via freight to a shipper’s warehouse instead of being delivered to your Greensboro area place of business: 

  • Office cubicle or partition walls and dividers
  • Racks
  • Office desks, including a reception desk, executive desk, corner desk, or an office desk with hutch
  • Credenza
  • Shelving units, such as bookshelves
  • Mirrors or any furnishing with a glass-top
  • Storage cabinets and file cabinets
  • Lamps
  • A conference table, drafting table, or even a breakroom and foldings ones
  • Whiteboards
  • Seating, such as office chairs, an executive chair, boardroom or conference chairs, reception chairs, and even stacking chairs
  • Armoire

Our office furniture removal and installation team at Marathon Moving Company has the necessary equipment, including trucks, carts, tools, and labor, needed to pick up your new office furniture from the furniture showroom, office furniture store, or liquidation warehouse. We can also pick it up from the shipping company that the furniture dealer has sent it to. Our team can then transport that new business furniture to your company’s headquarters in preparation for its installation.

Office Furniture Assembly

Most office furniture comes in multiple pieces. Putting together office equipment can take time, especially if it spans multiple name brands and styles. Our furniture assemblers may need to exercise different levels of caution to ensure your pieces with the following finishes don’t sustain damage during assembly and function as intended:

  • Woods like walnut or mahogany
  • Upholstered furniture, like a leather executive chair or mesh office chair
  • Wood veneer
  • Laminate
  • Ergonomic pieces intended to provide posture or lumbar support

Then there are multiple pieces that need to be assembled for each workspace, computer workstation, or office. The time and labor investment are particularly significant if you have a large square-foot facility that you’re furnishing. 

Having your staff assemble multiple pieces can be time-consuming and keep them from handling more productive tasks. Since our Marathon Moving Company team regularly assembles office furniture, we’ve developed strategies for expeditiously assembling office furniture that minimizes the time we’re in your office space so you can quickly transition into using it.

Office Furniture Installation

Your office furniture needs to be moved into place once assembled. Arranging your office furniture can be like completing a puzzle if you have an open-office concept. The use of modular office furniture is one of the best workplace solutions for situations like this, but getting each piece oriented in place properly takes some careful space planning and effort.

Once in place, it’s important to connect the pieces for increased stability of the components that comprise the new commercial furniture build. As part of our installation service, our movers will properly secure components to the walls, floors, and each other, as necessary, to ensure their stability and long-term use.

How Our NC Office Movers Can Help With Your Furniture Installation and Removal

Our Marathon Moving Company team has made a name for itself as the premier office moving company operating in the Greater Piedmont Triad Region of North Carolina. We’re eager to help with office furniture removal and installation, pickup, disassembly, and assembly when a relocation isn’t currently in the cards at your place of business.

Reach out to us by phone to discuss the scope of your commercial build project, or simply click on “Get a Free Quote” on the top right hand corner of our homepage. We’re eager to help you with your office furniture assembly or haul away project, no matter how big or small it is.