Long Distance Moving Services From North Carolina


A long-distance moving company can take all the effort out of your long-distance move. When your next move leads you to a new state, leave the heavy lifting to the professional long-distance movers at locally-owned Marathon Moving Company. Our long-distance Greensboro movers understand that your fragile valuables need extra care and attention, whether moving to the Midwest or up and down the Eastern seaboard. Our reputable team of professional movers and their cross-country moving services work tirelessly to make sure everything gets to the right place at the right time. That’s just one of the things that set our long-distance moving company apart from the competition. Over the years, we have found that no two moves are created equal and for this reason, we’ll be there with you each step of the way to make the transition as easy as possible.


“I worked solely with Tyler throughout my entire process. He came out to give me an estimate within 15 minutes of calling and had an estimate emailed to me within an hour after our meeting. He was incredibly professional during any of our brief phone calls, emails or texts. His quote was very accurate for all services provided and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a local moving service.”

Cory Smith

“I highly recommend this company! They did an excellent job helping me move. They were prompt in responding to emails. The day of my move they arrived early, both of the gentlemen moving my apartment were polite and very professional.”

Amanda Kelly

“Excellent experience! Tyler did a great job on the initial walk-through and estimate. The crew on the day of the move were courteous, professional and FAST…despite being a very hot day. Would urge anyone needing a moving company to hire Marathon!”

Carson Anderson

“They did a great job with our move into our new house. Very professional. Thank you!”

Karen Reinecke

“Excellent moving company. Professional, courteous, superior customer service.”

Dede Potter Roberts

How Do Long Distance Moving Services Work? 

Whether you are moving the whole family or just yourself, moving is a lot of work and can be extremely stressful. To make a long-distance move, you have to pack up your belongings, decide what is not worth bringing to the new home, and find a moving company available to help you move. Similar to our local moving services, our team of friendly, efficient cross-state movers is available to be there for you every step of the way for your out-of-state move.

To ensure your move is stress-free and runs smoothly, we provide the following moving services for all long-distance moves:

  • Packing/Unpacking: It doesn’t matter if you need the whole house packed away, or just the kitchen, our highly trained packers can get your belongings packed away safely and ready for transport in one day. Our packing services include our team bringing the packing materials needed to complete the packing, such as boxes, scissors, and tape as well as labels to ensure all boxes are clearly labeled properly. When unpacking everything in your new house, our team will dispose of and recycle all boxes and packing supplies. 
  • Loading/Unloading: When relocating, leave the hard labor to the pros. Our professional residential movers are trained and experienced when it comes to moving items of all sizes, including furniture and home appliances. We will strategically load or unload the moving truck to ensure everything fits and will be transported safely. Our team will also help with any disassembly that is required to move large household goods such as beds and tables.
  • Moving Service: While your household items, valuables, and personal belongings are in transit from your old home, we will take all precautions to get them to your new home with no damages. If you have any concerns during the move, you will have direct access to our team. Additionally, our team will provide you with updates throughout the route so there are no surprises. 
  • Storage & Moving Supplies: If you are not taking everything you own with you, we can help you store what it is staying behind safely in our Greensboro, NC storage facility. We offer short-term and long-term storage options to accommodate those who are moving a long distance temporarily. For those who would rather do the packing themselves, we sell all packing supplies at great rates to help keep your move affordable.

You can hire our reliable movers to ensure the utmost professionalism and courteous service during your long-distance or residential move. When planning your interstate move, consider getting moving quotes from reputable long-distance moving companies to determine the moving costs. We understand that moving across the country can be challenging, but with our comprehensive moving services, you can make your move smoother and more organized.

Long Distance Moving Services FAQ

How far do you travel for long-distance moves? 

Though we are located in Greensboro, NC, our professional moving team can help you move anywhere in the southeast.

Do you offer insurance for long distance moves?

Interstate movers are not insurance agents. Unfortunately, we cannot sell insurance. However, unlike some other moving companies, Marathon Moving Company is fully licensed and insured. We provide customers with a couple of different protection packages.

Types of Value Protection include:

  • Basic Value Protection (BVP) – This comes standard with the move and values your furniture at 60 cents per pound if anything becomes damaged.
  • Full Value Protection (FVP) – With FVP, the client will state the value of their load at the start of the move. This type of protection protects you against a total loss and makes sure that all damaged items will be eligible for full replacement value.

Are there items that cannot be packed for interstate moves?

Regardless if your move is a local or a long-distance move, the following items can never be packed:

  • Flammables, combustibles, or any other hazmat-type material
  • Guns and ammunition 
  • All liquids must be used or poured out before transport to prevent spillage

When you contact us for your long-distance moving quote, we can also verify what items we cannot pack during your interstate relocation. 

How far in advance do you recommend customers book their move?

We ask customers to book their move at least 2 weeks in advance, especially for long-distance moves as there is more planning and staff involved. However, we do our best to accommodate last-minute emergency moves. 

Will customers have access to shipment tracking?

At Marathon Moving Company, our cross-country movers believe in good old fashion communication. The same moving crew that packs and loads the truck for the move is the same crew that will unload and unpack once everything arrives. Additionally, our moving truck drivers always exchange their phone numbers so that you can contact them at any time throughout the moving process.

Long Distance Moving and Storage

Marathon Moving Company’s quality moving services have gotten top marks from HomeAdvisor, the Better Business Bureau, and the North Carolina Movers Association. When you are looking for long-distance movers near you, contact our full-service moving company for a free moving quote today to take advantage of our moving and storage services!