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Whether you play pool for leisure at home or are a professional player, you know how important it is for the billiards table you use to be well-assembled, level, and for its felt to be in optimal condition. This is key to ensuring enjoyable leisurely, or fair competitive play. 

However, as pool tables and other heavy stuff get moved around from a showroom, within a home, facility, or from one location to a completely different one, the integrity of the table can change, causing it not to offer the same playing experience it once did. One of the best ways to give a billard table the best chance of functioning properly after setting it back up is to have a pool table mover like ours at Marathon Moving Company take care of disassembly, moving, and assembly — which involves leveling.

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Why You Shouldn’t Attempt To Move Your Pool Table On Your Own

Moving a pool table is more complex than picking it up and angling it just right in an attempt to get it through a doorway during your next move. While this may work with a large, malleable item such as a mattress, as friction isn’t likely to cause any permanent damage to such an object, the same logic doesn’t apply to more rigid objects made of somewhat fragile materials, like billiard tables, that are often built from a combination of wood and slate. Attempting to angle a billiard table through a doorway, for example, could cause one of its legs to break off or, at the very least, for them to become unstable. 

Also, although a nice pool table may have a hardwood frame constructed from walnut, it may have hard-carved claw feet, for example. That ornate design can be easily damaged if not properly wrapped before transporting.


Additionally, the underlying slate that is covered by felt to make the playing surface may be in a heavy, long, and wide piece or comprised of several large slabs held together by a mixture of a resin compound and beeswax. Since slate is a type of stone, any friction, impact, or tension could easily cause it to crack.  

Then, there’s the felt that overlays the entire slate pool table. That pool table cloth is particularly thin and vulnerable to becoming ripped, coarse, fuzzy, piling, picking up lint, and otherwise becoming destroyed; requiring replacement if not cared for properly during a move. In some cases, if the felt covering is already in an undesirable state because it gets a lot of use, it may be worth your while to remove the felting and refelt it upon its arrival in its new location.  

It should also be noted that because most pool tables have solid wood or metal frames and a slate tabletop, they’re quite heavy. Thus, it’s imperative that anyone moving a pool table has the necessary body strength and employs lifting best practices to ensure they’re safely listing it. 

Steps Our Greensboro Movers Take When Moving Your Pool Table

The move of a pool table out of a tightly enclosed space or narrow doorway generally involves our moving team disassembling the following sections: 

  • The legs from its frame
  • The blanket wrap
  • The rail section 
  • Each piece of slate

Once at your destination, our pool table mover team will: 

  • Reassemble your pool table’s frame and ensure it’s level
  • Reinstall then level its three slate panels, taking caution to glue the slabs before applying beeswax to the seams
  • Stretch the felt cloth that overlays the slate table top to ensure proper tightness
  • Reinstall the rails that surround the slate playing surface

Our Marathon Moving Company crew will perform one last quality assurance check using a leveler to ensure your pool table is level and play-ready before considering the move complete.

Pool Tables We Have Experience Handling at Marathon Moving Company

When it comes to moving services, experience matters. That same logic applies to knowing how pool tables are constructed so we can take the best possible care when moving them. Our team has experience handling a wide variety of brands of pool tables, including: 

  • Olhausen
  • American Heritage 
  • Craftmaster
  • Brunswick
  • Empire USA
  • Titan
  • Diamond 
  • Presidential 
  • Hathaway
  • AMF
  • Plank & Hide

You name the billiard brand, and we’ve likely moved one of their pool tables for a customer during the more than a decade that our moving company has been in business in the Greensboro area. 

Marathon Moving Company Is the Best Pool Table Mover in Greensboro, NC

When Greensboro residents reach out to moving companies like ours about a residential move, they are often looking for professional movers who can come in and move their household goods locally in the Piedmont Triad region or long-distance, such as across the country.. Businesses in Greensboro often solicit our corporate relocation services because they need help moving office furniture to another area of their existing facility or a completely different office building. 

While our Marathon Moving Company is more than happy to handle moves like these, we feel it’s important to emphasize that we’re a full-service moving company. Moves can get stressful, especially when it involves having to:

  • Secure a moving truck
  • Get the right packing supplies for the job
  • Pack and unpack items
  • Loading and unloading
  • Dissemble and reassemble your belongings

Handling these tasks can be particularly challenging if you’re attempting to move large, bulky, or fragile items. This is particularly the case with rec room or game room furniture like pool tables and other game tables, such as the following, that require leveling to be restored upon arrival at their destination to ensure their proper functionality:

  • Foosball tables
  • A shuffleboard table
  • Ping-pong or table-tennis tables
  • Poker tables
  • Air hockey tables
  • Arcade machines

Contact Marathon Moving Company in Greensboro, NC for Your Pool Table Moving Needs

We’re confident that our prompt, courteous, and professional pool table mover crew at our Greensboro, NC-based Marathon Moving Company offer the high-quality care you expect from a reputable moving and storage company like ours. Reach out to us for a free moving quote for your pool table. We look forward to serving you.