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When you’re in between homes, deciding where and how to put your items in storage is a major moving dilemma. No one wants to deal with figuring out where to put your kitchen table that’s been handed down generations while you’re moving, so having a company to help move and store your belongings is imperative.

Our moving and storage services in Greensboro, NC not only provide greater flexibility, they also give you more control over your move.

Storage Coast to Coast

Moving and storage services are also extremely beneficial when you’re moving across the country. Moving hours away to the other side of the state or to another state entirely can be taxing and stressful. You have to factor things in like climate, elevation, cost, and safety.

When you’re moving from coast to coast, it’s also harder for your friends and family who live nearby to plan to take a few days or a week off to help you out. If, for whatever reason, you’re low on people who can assist you in moving across the country, give us a call. Let Marathon Moving Company take the load off and make your cross-country move easier on you.

How do your moving and storage services work?

Have more stuff than space? At Marathon Moving, we have our own climate controlled warehouse in the Greensboro, North Carolina area. Moving boxes, heavy lifting, and tape that keeps sticking together isn’t exactly the most riveting way to spend your weekend. So, let our experienced staff work with you to create a storage solution that fits your needs.

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How much do moving and storage services cost?

Storage service costs can range. The cost is determined based on location, storage space needed, and any special requests that you may have.

Please contact us to receive a free custom quote for our moving and storage services. Whether it’s cross-city or cross-country, we can help you make the most of your move.

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Do you offer moving and storage services for residential and commercial?

Yes. Your office supplies, chairs, and desks (or equipment) deserve to have a peaceful place of their own, not crammed in a closet or piled in a tiny storage unit that lacks climate control. As you fight with ever-dwindling office space, it’s hard to not think about a storage service option.

At Marathon Moving, we have our own climate controlled warehouse in the Greensboro, NC area, giving you the perfect spot to store your residential or commercial items.

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Secure. Flexible. Affordable. Storage Services from Marathon Moving

Moving can either be a pain or a no-hassle experience, and we want it to be the latter. Let us help you. Our experienced full-time staff will work with you to create a storage plan that utilizes our own climate controlled warehouse in the Greensboro, NC area that works with your unique needs. Our goal is to help you as much as we can. All you have to do is tell us how. Contact us today to talk about your specific moving needs, whether it’s to the next town over or three states away.  Marathon Moving Company will not only give you greater flexibility, but you’ll also be more organized during your move as well.

“I worked solely with Tyler throughout my entire process. He came out to give me an estimate within 15 minutes of calling and had an estimate emailed to me within an hour after our meeting. He was incredibly professional during any of our brief phone calls, emails or texts. His quote was very accurate for all services provided and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a local moving service.”

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