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 Moving can be a daunting task, and sometimes you may feel like you don’t even know where to start. When you are looking through so many moving companies to make your relocating as stress free as possible, you want to be sure you are choosing the right local movers for your fragile valuables. With our years of top-rated moving services, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to ease the moving process. To make your next move less stressful, don’t miss these helpful house moving tips.

How to Plan a Move

These moving tips are a must read before you even start packing things away into boxes. Experienced movers know that it is helpful to have your move planned out and organized. A lot of detail goes into planning your move, so it’s important that you begin this process early on as to not get overwhelmed.

Pick the Right Day

  • Planning your move begins with choosing a day. Try to find a day that is going to make your move the easiest. Do a little research into when the traffic is going to be worst, such as holidays and long weekends, and if you have some flexibility, contact your moving company early to make sure things go smoothly.

Create a Master List

  • Moving, no matter how simple you can make it, includes many steps. Don’t let all of these tasks slip your mind by keeping a master list of to-do items directly related to your move. This prevents you from becoming overwhelmed and letting important chores slip through the cracks.

Plan out a Schedule

  • Scheduling tasks on a calendar makes it easier to visualize what needs to be done, and when. Organizing your home move into a calendar also makes it easy to change the date tasks need to be completed by and plan around the rest of your busy life.

Sort out the Details

  • Figure out where the movers are going to park, how to best access your residence, and even what things you are going to need first once you get to your new home. Knowing what things you are going to need first allows the movers to load these items last so that they are first unloaded off of the truck.

Packing Tips for Moving

You have a few options once your move is thoroughly planned. You can either pack everything yourself or you can enlist professional packing services. Whether you want to pack up most of your things, as many people prefer, or have a moving service pack it all, there are some general tips to help ensure your belongings are packed and moved without damage.

Downsize Before the Move

  • Use this time to downsize and minimize the number of things that you will move. Clean out the closets of the clothes you never wear. Finally, part ways with the treadmill you’ve kept in the basement all these years but only used twice. Most importantly, get rid of unnecessary clutter. Donating or selling these items makes it easier to see how much stuff you really need to pack, and helps to make space for things that are most valuable to you.

Pack Ahead of Time

  • Packing all of your belongings in a single day is incredibly overwhelming. For a less stressful moving day, make sure everything is packed before the day arrives. Spreading out your packing makes it easier to get it all done without getting burned out. Depending on how far out your move is, you can even start weeks ahead of time by packing up the things you won’t be using until after your move.

One Box, One Room

  • Unpacking your kitchen will be quite challenging if you also have your living room decor mixed in with your pots and pans. Make sure you load boxes of the same room together as well, to limit confusion. Keeping boxes separated by room will make unpacking much easier when the time comes.

Label your Boxes

  • I’m not talking simply about labeling the top of your box. When boxes are loaded up, chances are you won’t be able to see the top. So make sure that you label the side of the boxes as well.

Rely On Our Moving Resources

Finding the right packing materials, packing supplies, and gathering tips for long-distance moving can be exhausting, so why do it all by yourself?

If you are at any stage in the moving process and are feeling a little overwhelmed, don’t forget to contact us today and get a free cost of moving quote for your required services from our team of top rated packing and moving specialists.

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