North Carolina Moving Companies: Which One Is Right For Me?

in-house-moving-servicesPacking, moving supplies, trucks, loading heavy stuff, and more. Moving is a stressful transition requiring coordination, organization, and a skilled team to get you settled and mitigate risks.

When renters, homeowners, and business owners relocate, they need an honest estimate and an honest moving company. Let’s take a look at the different types of moving companies and some frequently asked questions to help you get started.

What Are The Different Types Of Moving Companies?

Moving companies may specialize in certain types of moves or offer a full-suite of services. The type of moving services you need largely dictates the type of moving company you’ll need to hire.

Residential Movers

Locally-owned residential moving companies cater to apartment renters, condo owners or renters, and homeowners. Residential moving is also known as household moving or apartment moving. If you’re moving to another rental or a property you just purchased, you’ll need a moving company who offers residential services – and is licensed and insured.

Commercial Moving Services

Businesses such as large corporations, small businesses, and even local mom-and-pop shops should partner with a commercial moving company when it’s time to relocate. Staffing a commercial move with your own employees may put them, and you, at risk. Commercial Greensboro moving companies have experience, training, licenses, and insurance to successfully relocate your business.

Local Movers

If you’re moving a few blocks down or just to a new zip code down the road, you likely need a local moving company. Some local moving jobs may be considered “too small” for larger companies who require a minimum weight or fee. However, local moving companies value each and every customer, no matter the size of the move.

Long-Distance Moving Companies

Moving out-of-state (to or from North Carolina) requires a special kind of mover – the long-distance moving company or interstate moving company. Because your belongings are traveling farther, there is more risk of damage or loss. Your long-distance movers should hold full value protection insurance to ensure that if any of your belongings are indeed damaged during transit, you are reimbursed at full value.

Full-Service Mover Professionals

Some moving companies in North Carolina offer residential, commercial, local, and long-distance services. These moving companies typically carry both basic value and full value insurance, and state and federal licenses. Marathon Moving Company is full service and caters to renters, homeowners, business owners, and more. We provide packing, labor, supplies, climate-controlled storage, and other services you need for a successful move. We’re fully licensed and insured, and backed by countless awards, positive reviews, and years of experience.

Your moving company should be prepared to do the heavy lifting for you. If you’re packing up your home or business, or even if you need your piano moved, a team of experienced movers makes a meaningful difference. Contact Marathon Moving Company for a home estimate, commercial quote, or help with any questions about your move.


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Greensboro, NC Moving Company FAQ

How do I know which moving companies are “above board”?

There are a few things you’ll need to consider when choosing the right moving company. Here are a few things to look for that’ll help you decide which team of movers is right for you.

Research each moving company in your area to check for licenses and insurance. Legitimate moving companies are typically required to be registered, licensed, and insured in order to operate on the federal and state levels.

Read the moving company’s online reviews. Visit their website and look for testimonials. Search for them on Yelp and read their Google reviews. You can also review the moving company’s Better Business Bureau profile. Things like complaints, poor reviews, or low stars and ratings are good indicators you haven’t found a legitimate moving company just yet.

Call and ask to speak with a customer service representative. Ask questions about what’s included in their moving packages, how long they’ve been in business, and what their values are as a moving company. Don’t forget to ask for references!

Look for moving checklists on their website. Moving companies who value customer satisfaction will likely have helpful resources on their website. Resources such as moving checklists or a list of moving tips can prepare customers for their relocation, and help them save money or time.

How can I find a legitimate moving company?

The first step to finding the right moving company is to do a little homework online and also ask friends, ask family members, and ask coworkers. If someone you know and trust suggests a local moving company and recommends them, chances are you’re off to a good start. Look the moving company up online, check their online reviews, and call them to ask for an estimate. Here are a few red flags to look out for to avoid a moving scam or working with an untrustworthy company:

  • No references from past moving clients
  • Poor reviews and online complaints with Yelp, Google, the BBB, and more
  • Unprofessional customer service
  • Unbelievably low estimates

What’s different about Marathon Moving Company?

Marathon Moving Company has been serving North Carolina residents since 2013 by an award-winning husband and wife team (Neal and Angie Leeper). We’ve earned top rankings from HomeAdvisor, the North Carolina Movers Association, and the Better Business Bureau among moving companies in North Carolina, and Greensboro specifically. Marathon Moving Company is also a valued member of the North Carolina Movers Association.

We are fully licensed and insured, offering both basic value and full value protection. We understand how stressful and chaotic moving can be, and our goal is ensuring your transition is as effortless as possible.

How much will my moving quote be?

Marathon Moving Company values accurate, honest quotes so you can best prepare for your relocation. Your quote will depend on your type of move (residential or commercial), when you are moving, and how far you’re moving. We also consider how much you are moving.

For a free estimate, call us or contact us online to tell us more about your move. We offer both local and long-distance services, accommodating homeowners, renters, and business owners alike. Our compassionate customer service team is here to help answer any and all questions you have along the way.

What’s included in my moving estimate?

Marathon Moving Company understands that each move is different, which is why each quote is different and tailored to specifically your needs. Your estimate may include the following:

  • Distance (long-distance, out-of-state, local, etc.)
  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Storage fees
  • Fuel costs
  • Labor
  • Costs associated with tariffs

Give us a call or use our easy online quote form for a complimentary estimate. We have been in business since 2013 and value accurate quotes, honest work, and high-quality customer service. Marathon Moving Company is fully licensed and insured for interstate moving, local moves, and more. If you have specific questions about how, when, or what you’re moving, let us know!