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Moving Labor Services

moving-labor-servicesIf you’ve ever rented a moving truck or POD, you know the struggle is real — until now. Marathon Moving, based in Greensboro, North Carolina, offers moving labor services for both loading and unloading your moving truck or POD. Yes, we will literally take the load off your back. For anyone who is packing yourself, but needs a little help loading and unloading, this service is ideal.

If loading and unloading your moving truck or POD is not your strong suit, team up with Marathon Moving company to do the job for you.

“I worked solely with Tyler throughout my entire process. He came out to give me an estimate within 15 minutes of calling and had an estimate emailed to me within an hour after our meeting. He was incredibly professional during any of our brief phone calls, emails or texts. His quote was very accurate for all services provided and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a local moving service.”

Cory Smith

Moving Labor FAQ

How much does it cost hourly for moving labor services?

Moving labor services can cost between $90 and $120 per hour for two movers. This rate is based on where you’re moving and what items you need to move.

At Marathon Moving, we provide a custom quote for you and your needs. Each quote is tailored specifically for what items you need moved, how many hours, and the locations. Please contact us directly for a custom quote.

I need help loading and unloading my moving truck or POD. Can you help?

Yep! That’s exactly what we do. Loading and unloading your moving truck or POD is an underwhelming activity. And, not one many friends jump up and down for. Heavy items — the ones that you want to leave for last but know they should be packed first— are simply the worst. It’s tough to move fast while trying to maximize space and not damage furniture. To help with your move, hire movers to help you load and unload. Your friends will thank you.

Do I need to rent a truck from you to get help loading and unloading?

Nope! Whether or not you rent a truck from us or U-Haul, Budget, PODS, etc., we’ll help you load and unload. We understand the thought of how you’re going to move your washer and dryer is just as exciting as planning a root canal. Between apartment-hunting and hauling boxes up and down stairs, we know you have a lot on your plate so let us help.